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What color is my aura? 11 aura colors explained


Like chakras, auras are spiritual forces of energy that can tell you a lot about your health and wellbeing.

If you’re familiar with the seven chakra colors, you may be wondering: “What color is my aura?”

The color makeup of your aura constantly changes throughout your life.

It holds a mirror up to your health at any given time.

But what exactly are the aura colors and what do they mean? How do you know what your aura color is?

In this guide we’ll explore:

  • What is an aura?
  • What are the differences between auras and chakras?
  • How do I know what color my aura is?
  • Can I change my aura color?
  • How do I cleanse my aura?
  • What color is my aura? 11 aura colors explained


Let’s go!

what color is my aura

What is an aura?

According to new age spirituality, an aura is an unseen energy force that surrounds every physical being on the planet.

You can think of an aura as the body’s energy field that presents a mirror up to your present physical and mental state.

In alternative medicine, your aura is viewed as a part of your hidden anatomy.

You cannot see your aura with the naked eye, but some believe it vibrates much like the cells in your body.

The size, color, thickness and shape of your aura can tell you many different things about your personality and wellbeing.

Auras are closely linked to energy points in the body called chakras.

Whilst auras are external – an energy field surrounding the body – chakras are deeply rooted within the body.

Both are used in alternative medicine to understand an individual’s health and wellbeing.

As channels of energy, they can become ‘clogged’ if you are stressed or anxious.

Meditation, Tai Chi, Reiki and other forms of therapy can help to relieve blocked channels of energy and restore health.

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what color is my aura

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What are the differences between auras and chakras?

As we explained earlier, auras are closely tied with the seven chakras within the body.

They share many similarities but there are a few key differences:


  • Auras are external to the body
  • Aura colors change with your mood and intent


  • Chakras are deeply anchored within the body
  • Chakra colors are more deeply rooted and remain constant

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How do I know what color my aura is?

Although you cannot see your aura with the naked eye, the highly intuitive amongst us can determine your aura colors.

Some mystics, energy practitioners and spiritual advisers offer aura discovery sessions and consultations.

Others even offer aura photography readings.

Remember, your aura color can change over time depending on how you’re feeling on any given day.

So take any aura reading or discovery session with a pinch of salt!

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what color is my aura

Can I change my aura color?

Yes! It is possible to change your aura color.

By practicing energy altering techniques like meditation, sound healing and deep breathing, you can actively change your aura color.

This helps when you’re feeling stressed or anxious and want to regain some balance.

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How do I cleanse my aura?

When you go through turbulent and challenging periods in your life, your aura may become clogged with negative energy.

In order to promote a positive energy flow in your aura, you can do activities like sound therapy, smudging, meditation and mindfulness.

In fact, any activity that brings you happiness is recommended to reinstate balance in your aura.

By balancing and cleansing your aura, you can promote physical, emotional and spiritual harmony inside and outside of the body.

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what color is my aura

What color is my aura? 11 aura colors explained

Much like chakras, auras reflect a range of spiritual colors, and the colors in your aura will reflect your personality traits.

Knowledge of these colors can help you create more balanced energy throughout your body.

The color of your aura can change over time, however it will usually be dominated by one or two shades.

Here are the main aura colors and the personality traits associated with each:

  • White aura meaning – transcendent, spiritual, quiet
  • Lavender aura meaning – fragile, imaginative, sensitive
  • Violet aura meaning – sensual, charismatic
  • Indigo aura meaning – calm, clear, artistic, introverted
  • Blue aura meaning – caring, loyal, sensitive
  • Deep green aura meaning – goal oriented, organised
  • Green aura meaning – social, harmonious, a good teacher
  • Yellow aura meaning – energetic, sunny, creative
  • Orange aura meaning – adventurous, business-minded
  • Red aura meaning – passionate, competitive, winning mindset
  • Deep red aura meaning – hard working, energetic

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