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The best crystals for good luck

Believe it or not, crystals can help you lean into good luck.

Crystals for good luck are used to not only attract good luck, but are used to bring prosperity and good fortune as well as positive energy and good vibes.

Many people think good luck happens by chance.

Indeed, many cultures over the centuries have been fascinated by good luck signs and symbols – from coins and horseshoes to four-leaf clovers.

But what exactly are the crystals that bring good luck?

In this guide we’ll explore:

  • Crystals for good luck
  • Best crystal for good vibrations
  • Best crystal for financial success
  • Best crystal for positive energy
  • Best crystal for luck in love
  • Best crystal for wealth and abundance
  • Best crystal for achieving your dreams


Let’s get started!

best crystals for good luck

Crystals for good luck

Best crystal for good vibrations: Citrine

best crystals for good luck

Citrine is a yellow reddish quartz stone that has been around for centuries.

The word ‘citrine’ means ‘lemon’ in many different languages.

Like Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz and Rose Quartz, it is part of the Quartz family.

It has long been the favourite crystal of many Hollywood stars for its symbols of romance, positivity and happiness.

Best for:

  • Strengthening self-esteem.
  • Bringing about a more positive and vibrant flow of energy around the body.

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Best crystal for financial success: Peridot

best crystals for good luck

Peridot is known as the ‘money stone’, with its green colour being a longstanding symbol of money and good fortune.

Traditionally known to bring financial success, Peridot can help with decision making involving money and can increase willpower and luck in wealth.

For centuries, Peridot beads and talismans have been believed to promote love, happiness and wealth.

Best for:

  • Bringing about good fortune and prosperity.
  • Helping with decision making.

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Best crystal for positive energy: Smoky Quartz

best crystals for good luck

Smoky Quartz comes in a variety of hues, ranging from yellow brown to dark brown and black.

This crystal has importance in a variety of countries and cultures, including Scotland where it occurs frequently in Celtic folklore and legend.

It has been used for centuries to promote positive energy and detoxify the body of negative emotions.

Best for:

  • Clearing your mind and cleaning your energy fields.
  • Dispelling negative energy and bringing luck and good fortune towards you.

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Best crystal for luck in love: Rose Quartz

best crystals for good luck

Rose Quartz dates back thousands of years.

Ancient Egyptian women used it in face masks to prevent ageing and clear their complexions.

This pale pink stone comes from the Quartz family, and is known as a symbol of unconditional love.

It is believe by many to encourage qualities of love as it opens the heart chakra, helping the wearer achieve a state of pure love and balance.

Best for:

  • Replacing negative emotions with feelings of contentment and happiness.
  • Bringing about deep healing of the heart.

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Best crystal for wealth and abundance: Green Jade

best crystals for good luck

Green Jade has long been associated with wealth and good fortune.

It can often be found in places of business as it can bring money to your door and shield you from bad investments.

It’s no coincidence, then, that in China, Green Jade that has been a symbol of status, spirituality, purity, and health for over 9,000 years.

The most wealthy and influential members of society would be buried in Jade suits. 

To this day, Jade jewelry and artwork are important in Chinese culture and history.

Best for:

  • Bringing wealth and financial abundance.
  • Clearing your mind and filling you with quiet confidence.

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Best crystal for achieving your dreams: Carnelian

best crystals for good luck

Carnelian is known as the stone of courage, endurance, leadership and motivation.

Often referred to as the ‘sunset stone’, Carnelian possesses bright red and orange colouring which reflects the heat of the sun.

It has become a symbol of protection, wealth and wisdom in modern times, and is a great stone for fulfilling your potential.

Best for:

  • Finding empowerment and success.
  • Re-building self-esteem and enhancing creativity.

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